Update on the Super Awesome Month of Reading

I swear, next year, I’ll get back to talking about running. The Super Awesome Year of Me has been interesting, but it sort of ruined this blog.

But hey, at least I have another crappy blog up and running that dovetails nicely with the Super Awesome Month of Reading. I prefer to keep things in themes, so this blog focuses on general wellness (and next year will hopefully return a heavier focus on running since that’s the think I profess to hate so much), and the other blog focuses on book reviews.

Well, as I’m reading 30 minutes a day, I’m working my way through books. I’m not really reading at a ridiculous pace, but I am reading at a steady pace. I’ve read three books, and I should be able to finish two or three more books by the end of the year.

Like the other months that required me to do something fun for a set time (drawing and playing guitar), I do an ok job on getting this done, but it can still be a little mentally much. I end up missing other things I want to do to make sure I hit my minimum here. And then when I’m on a roll in a book, I really end up losing time on my other activities.

That may be one of the big lesson’s learned this year. Doing something every day is good for building habits, but it’s also very draining. Sometimes you just want to lie on the couch and decompress from the day. BUT, I always am doing something fairly productive. That’s been the other side of the coin. No matter how tired I am, I know I did something. Sort of like a crappy run. I still ran.

I can’t imagine doing this again. Daily goals were too much. I liked my bigger goals spread apart. You have room for hiccups. A headache is borderline debilitating when you’re trying to read, but a headache won’t keep you from prepping for a 5k (unless the headache is the day of).

I should check in (probably) one more time before the new year begins. Either way, know what I will return to my normal complaining about running (especially when I have to start hitting 6 miles on a regular basis). Did I mention I have shin splints?

Until next time, amigos.



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