Final Prep for 1st 10K of the Year

I ran 5 miles today. Ok, I ran the majority of 5 miles and walked a good amount of it. I was on a pretty even run/walk cycle, which means I probably ran about 3 miles and walked 2.

But I covered 5 miles. Last time I covered at least 5 miles? The 10K I did in May. The time before that? The week before said 10K. And the time before that? Never.

This will not end well.

Oh, sure. In high school, I would almost certainly have covered that distance in a track workout, but there’s a big difference between being 145-pound hurdler doing intermittent springs and being a 180-pound academic trying to delay diabetes and other weight-related woes.

Side note, looking back at the run-up to the last 10K, I’m making the exact same points. I almost made the same stupid joke for the title. The more things change…

Much like last time, I hit 4 miles two weeks before the 10K and 5 miles the week before. So let’s compare.

First a caveat. Last year, I was in better shape. Even with an injury causing some issues, I had better mileage leading up to the 10K in part because I was coming off the Super Awesome Year of the 5K. I also had a 5K at Disney to act as my warm-up a few weeks out. I had the mythical base they always talk about. Even if 6.2 miles really was too much to go after, I could at least cover 3.1 without problems. I can’t say that right now.

Let’s look at the 4-miler two weeks out. In 2016, I covered 4.02 in 47:12 (11:45 pace). Heart rate was 150 average, with 172 max. Last week, I covered 4.00 in 57:42 (14:25 pace). Heart rate was 135 average, with 168 max.

For the 5-miler one week out, 2016 was 5.04 in 1:05:12 (12:56 pace). Heart rate was 151 average, with 177 max. Also, 666 calories burned. Not ominous at all. Today, I covered 5.00 in 1:07:40 (13:32 pace). Heart rate was 144 average, with 176 max.

This is an odd thing to look at. The 4-mile run was much worse this round. The 5-mile run, despite having shorter run intervals, was pretty close on pace. This means I was probably running too fast today, but evidently I have a need for speed.

So what can we expect for the 10K?


Really, I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m just going to go out there and do my best. And then I’m going to pretend I’m not in pain as I limp to my car.

The remainder of my week will be spent trying not to do something stupid, but considering I bit my tongue in my sleep yesterday, I’m not terribly optimistic.

See you on the other side.




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