Why I Can’t Keep Cokes in the House

Because I’ll drink them.

Well, that didn’t take long to explain.

Oh, do you want a longer explanation? Ok. I’m not good at saying no to Cokes. They’re tasty and they have addictive caffeine.

There are worse Coke habits have.

One of the things that pops up when you look at in willpower research and decision-making is that you find if the temptation is around, generally people will cave eventually. It’s not reasonable to expect people to continually walk past the cookie jar if they have a sweets problem.

Likewise, no matter my intentions, no matter how long I’ve been behaving, I’ll drink too many Cokes eventually if I have them around long enough. Ideally, I’ll have zero a day. At zero a day, there’s no reason to keep Cokes in the house. Ideally goes out the window when work gets hectic, so I settle for weaning myself down to one a day. And no matter how well I’m doing about sticking to one a day, if there’s a spare Coke in the fridge, eventually I’ll cave and have that second Coke (and eventually it becomes a 4-or 5-a-day habit).

So I can’t keep them at home. And yet I’m still having one a day. If you do the math, this means I’m paying more money in the long run. It’s unfortunate, but I’d rather lose a few bucks over the course of the month instead of having that extra coke every day.

It’s not the best logic in the world, but it’s what works for me. I know every day I’m going to have that one Coke, so I savor it. I drink it slowly. I enjoy it. I treat Cokes like a fine wine (right down to smelling them when I open them to get that extra little bit of enjoyment).

All of this is to say I have a problem. I can’t really quit Cokes because I don’t want to. They’re tasty, and I’m not overweight. Now if/when I deal with something like diabetes or cancer that can pretty easily be linked to my Coke habit, I might change my mind. As it stands, one a day doesn’t sound so bad. Just can’t sit in my fridge.


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