Injury Update & Return to Yoga

When we last left our hero, he had found indications of bipartite patella or kneecap fracture and was anxiously awaiting the results of his MRI.

Setting: Mississippi in the late teens. Our protagonist is sitting on his couch in a knee brace and typing on a computer. The air conditioner is running because of course it is. Light indie music plays in the background.


The MRI came back with no real bad issues. There was some fluid, but nothing was out of place beyond what the X-Rays’ already showed. The recommendation was surgery (both options didn’t sound pleasant, even for surgery). I of course chickened out and asked to try physical therapy first. Low risk but low probability of success. But no knife. Doc OK’d it, so I got sent to their PT staff to get a knee brace and then set up my PT appointment in my own town.

Here’s the thing about the knee brace: He didn’t tell me why I needed it when I was pretty much ok moving around. I ended up asking the PT and didn’t get that clear of an answer. Basically it sounds like if I’m walking around on uneven ground (i.e., hiking) I should wear it. I’m not hiking.

But I have the knee brace, and I had my first PT appointment today. It was fun. Got some normal stretches and then a couple of weird exercises, and then they zapped my leg for 15 minutes. I got to do some light reading. All good.

Then I got to the realness: Could I start doing yoga again? The doc was hesitant. He wanted me to ease into it. I wanted no such thing. I did a round of the warm-up for Ashtanga and survived. That was the hard part, so I thought asking couldn’t hurt.

And the PT gave me the ok.

As long as I didn’t do anything stupid, I was allowed to do it. Benefit outweighed the risk to him. Awesome dude. Also awesome that he was OK with me not wearing the knee brace as a default since I was already on the mend.

And how long did I wait to go to yoga? Almost 10 hours.

I’ve been going half insane the past few weeks. I couldn’t even do planks in the early stage because me knee was hurting that much.

I went to my Ashtanga class prepared to behave and make accommodations. It wasn’t easy, and because I couldn’t really do anything while my knee was hurting, even my upper body was not really in the game. There were some minor twinges, and my yoga teacher watched me like a hawk to make sure I was OK, but everything was all good. I had to sit out a couple of things, but I was able to do something most of the time.

And tomorrow’s going to be rough. Ashtanga is Sanskrit for “this is gonna hurt” (it’s a stupid joke I’ve been making for over a year, but I still love it; related, I made the joke originally in this post from the first time I did the class. It usually shows up on the first page of the Google search when you look for thank you note for yoga teacher. It’s kept a steady flow of traffic to the blog from people sincerely looking to write their yoga teacher a thank you note while I was being snarkily sincere about appreciating an all-over soreness from the workout. I should add a postscript apologizing to the people looking for real advice).

I also have to contend with the weird leg exercises that got muscles I objectively knew were there but rarely feel activated. That’s going to cause some odd soreness, but it’s finally looking up for our hero.


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